The Zaentovi are a race of nomadic peoples from the continent of Doras Edrossi. They are an ancient people who have been only for the last few centuries been adopting the newer technologies. These people often center around peace and keep to their own, but many of them form raiding bands and khanates that exist across Doras Edrossi. 

Zaentovi Types, Culture and Religion

The Zaentovi are a single culture of people that have two types, new-age and old-age. The old-age Zaentovi are the men and women who stick to their ancestral tribal type way of life. They are fierce warriors, great guides, and their craftsmanship in clothing and jewelry are quite exquisite, considering the tribal lifestyle.

While you have the traditional Zaentovi people, there are also a select few Zaentovi who wish to advance from tribal and khanic life. New-age Zaentovi are ones who have left their tribe to travel and adopt new ways of life and technologies. New-age Zaentovi are a rare occurance and are shunned by the general populace of Zaentovi, stating that they've abandoned their roots. Although, a Zaentovi born outside of their homeland are immediately considered new-age but some tribes will accept the ones born outside of the regions if they pass certain rites of passage to prove their worth.

City-states commonly shun any Zaentovi and or people with Zaentovi heritage, if not shunned, they are usually treated as second class citizens. However, in Andoras, few take interest in these nomadic people and their culture. Zaentovi culture can commonly be pacifist, keeping to themselves far from modern civilizations and appeasing their gods. There are however, those who wish to gain a living through warfare and center around a warrior culture, favoring strength above all. An example of a warrior culture centered tribe is the Khaegan clan.

Religions amongst the Zaentovi can vary. All tribes, depending on their ancestral roots and where they hail from, can have different beliefs and gods. The Khaegan Khanate, current elected Khans of the Zaentovi, practice the Hezho faith, which centers around the The Great Traveler, who upon death will guide the people into the Winding Plains, the Zaentovi afterlife. Once reaching the Winding Plains, it is said that warriors who died in battle are showered with glory, wine and feasting. Tribes independent from the Khanate may commonly practice a faith completely separate from Hezho. Some examples would be Qattakho and Swugu D'a.


The Zaentovi are distinct in their appearance from other races. Their skin can range from a light tan to a copper tinge. Zaentovi men are commonly built strong and stand an average of 6 ft or more while women tend to stand much shorter.  

Their hair is often tied, braided or very long, usually at least shoulder length. They commonly decorate their hair with the feathers from birds of prey as well. Black hair is very common, if not the only color but it isn't uncommon that it can come in several hues of brown. Their eyes are distinctly slanted and come in common colors such as brown, black or dark green. The Zaentovi can often look rough in appearance due to their tribal lifestyle but there have been occasions where Zaentovi women hold an allure of natural beauty about them. Zaentovi men commonly grow beards and style them into braids, as well as decorate them with feathers, much like how they decorate their hair with them. Depending on the culture or tribe, Zaentovi often take pride in having scars on their body or face, believing it as a sign of strength and their survivability in battle. 

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