Winterborne in the distance
Vital statistics
Type Regional capital
Level 1-100
Location Frostfall
Inhabitants Around 1000 people live inside the walls, House Stenwulf takes residence here.
Winterborne is the ancient capital of Frostfall and the ancestral home of House Stenwulf. Believed to be built during the Age of Legends, the keeps walls continue to hold up to the harsh winds of the north and stand as tall as when it was first built. The capital is situated far northeast in Frostfall among a few mountain ranges. The castle was built on top of a hill and can be spotted on the horizon quite easily when travelling. Due to its elevation and location, the castle is quite protected from siege equipment. Stenwulvian kings have often used the tactic of starving out their besiegers due to the location and natural barriers around the castle that prevent siege equipment from getting close to the walls.

Winterborne, even in its rather aged state, has a certain quaintness to it. During the summer, the snow ceases and unveils green grass and blooming vegetation. Inside the castle walls, there is an inn, barracks, training yard, merchant square, farms and the palace itself. Winterborne also contains a crypt with all the remains of Stenwulvian kings beneath it.

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