War of Buurza

September 149 BC


March 142 BC (lasted c.6 years, 6 months)


Doras Edrossi, mostly in and around Buurza (Borsa), then of the Haajidi Caliphate, now Thauros


Thyllanorian victory; Haajidi successfully pushed back to native ranges (Haajidi Badlands)


Kingdom of Thyllanor
High Aristocracy of Thauros

Haajidi Caliphate


Callor Karthmere
Dominion of Foreign Dealings

Caliph Muamar Da'jali Tviz III

The War of Buurza was a conflict between the Haajidi Caliphate and the Kingdom of Thyllanor between 149 BC and 142 BC. Often separated into two stages of conflict; the first being a defensive war on behalf of the Thyllanorians, and the second being an offensive war against the Haajidi, with an intermission in between the two conflicts.

The war started as a result of Caliph Muamar Da'Jali Tviz III, who disliked the Thyllanorians and their increasing encroachment on the peninsula; the Thaurosian Peninsula, just adjacent to the two powers, which was contested. Several other causes are cited for beginning the war; those among them are the Thyllanorians attempting to get a foothold in the Haajidi economy through unfair trading, and the expulsion and killing of Haajidi ambassadors and citizens a year earlier, who had been cited as the prime reason for the Pogrom of 150 BC in the kingdoms of Andoras. By the thousands, Haajidi people, whether they be willing citizens, refugees or fugitives, were chased out of their homes and killed, and the homes -- with all of their belongings still intact -- burnt to the ground. Generally unhappy with the state of affairs and the racism towards Haajidi people abroad, and facing riots without a certainty of a promise to exact vengeance, Muamar declared war against Thyllanor in the autumn of 149 BC.

Thyllanor, which was already well on its way towards assuming that war would be declared, had setup forward posts and forts on the eastern side of the Thaurosian Peninsula, and had petitioned Thauros for help in the war; and while an isolated nation, they gladly accepted the offer, and despite a long war, it was mostly uneventful for the allied nations and they pushed back the Haajidi all the way to their native homelands in the badlands of the far east.

The Thaurosians got the peninsula back under their control after the war ended, and Borsa (temporarily renamed Buurza while under control of the Haajidi) became once again the national focus of the Thaurosians, thanks to the Thyllanorians and their combined efforts.

After this war, the Thaurosians returned to obscurity, but kept a trade route open for the Thyllanorians as thanks for their help. As of the present, this trade route still exists. The Haajidi have yet to make attempts to move back in the near 490 years since the war drove them back. Another key subject brought up with the War of Buurza is that it was one of the first events that started a long chain of incompetent caliphs, with the chain seemingly yet to be broken over 500 years later.

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