The Wailing Wilds are a region in central progressing into northern Doras Edrossi, known for its savannah-like environment and, in some locations, complete desolation, with little life, if any, around for miles. It encompasses roughly a third of Doras Edrossi, and is adjacent to the Leyse Woodlands to the south, and the Zaentovi Wild to the north. The Wailing Wilds have always traditionally been a contested region between that of Drakonia and the Zaentovi Hordes, but in the past millennium, the Zaentovi have dominated the Wailing Wilds, occasionally dipping down into the Leyse Woodlands as well; three Wars of Woods occurred as a result.

The Wailing Wilds have little Drakonian ruins to speak of, namely because there was little interest in building a permanent settlement in such a wasteland. The savannah has always been more attributed to the nomadic Zaentovi, and as a result, have always been associated with the region more than the Drakonians.


The Wailing Wilds are by far the hottest region on Doras Edrossi and Andoras, with temperatures able to reach 'scalding' heights. The winter -- if it can be considered one -- does not offer much solace to the heat. Despite this, the Wailing Wilds have the most lakes of any region in the world, and most life in the Wailing Wilds live around these. Lake Entropy, the largest lake in the world, is located in the Wailing Wilds. It is the source of freshwater for most of Doras Edrossi, and when droughts become prominent, conflicts may break out over the water sourcce. The first War of Woods began because of this, and when the Zaentovi were driven back from the water, it took them more than a century to recover from the destruction.

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