The hills and valleys surrounding Vicarshall. The actual estate is visible in the distance.
Vital statistics
Type Estate
Level 1-100
Location Northern Thyllanor, in the hills surrounding Faercrest
Inhabitants 120 within the actual estate, including the Karthmeres
Vicarshall is the summer estate of House Karthmere, located just a few miles uphill north from the capital city of Thyllanor, Faercrest. It was built in 333 AC, at the cost of approximately 200,000 lions -- highly expensive, in a time where Thyllanor was being treated like a foreign nation due to the Mandate of Punishment passed by Aegor IV Dragomyr during the Tentative Years just two years earlier.

It is divided into two parts; the main fort-like structure, built on an incline and used as the dwelling place for the Karthmeres themselves, and the outskirts, which contain an inn, farmland, and a cherry blossom field, said to be one of the most beautiful sights in all of Andoras. The environment surrounding Vicarshall is very fertile, but only a few chosen farmers have been allowed to settle on the lands.

Vicarshall, when the Karthmeres and Thyllanor need to host private political delegations or summits, is the home of them all. It is also a popular meeting place, and most internal business within the lord paramouncy is actually conducted at Vicarshall most of the time rather than Faercrest.

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