Vhalax in Edrane.

Vhalax was the dragon ridden by Aeganar IV. He was a dragon of average size, with tough green scales and glowing yellow eyes. His flaming breath was bright and deadly, capable of burning hundreds of men to ashes. He was one of the many dragons owned by House Dragomárus during their reign. He was only considered middle-aged for a dragon, at around 232 years old.



Vhalax went under a period of lethargy, having no need for combat use during the Daerod di Piazz. Vhalax finally began to be ridden again by Aeganar III Dragomárus, Aeramor I's father and Aeganar IV's grandfather in 277 AC, later fighting in The Mournare Nights nine years later as his first conflict in over a hundred years.

Aeganar IV Dragomyr was known to have used Vhalax to attack the fleet of Thysia in the Thysian Conflict after being presented with reports of an Andorasi fleet, bearing his father within it, being destroyed by the Thysians.

Aeganar IV managed to gain the trust of Vhalax once he began his reign and used him to guard the city of Dragonspire from attacks. He was prominent during the rebellion of 326 AC and the Sieges of Dragonspire, where in the second Siege (during The Final Spark) he had been slain by numerous ballista bolts. His skull now hangs in the hall of Dragonspire Keep.

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