The Vescia Scrolls are a collection of 32 scrolls that were found in 232 AC in the ruins of the ancient settlement of Vescia, in modern-day Meyron, in a long-forgotten cache that appeared untouched from the ravages of time. At first unremarkable, the Scrolls quickly became remarkable for their contents; with the archaic Drakonin grammar structure and script, it was concluded that the Scrolls were written sometime around the Second Era, but were later pinpointed to the period immediately during or after the notable Revescio of the Drakonian Kingdom which converted the Drakonian civilization to the Drakonian Republic. The scrolls go on further to detail several things that were omitted in other accounts of the period, such as the name of the king who was deposed (Aervon Digantys), how long the Revescio lasted (roughly three years), and the founding of the Republic, which was previously left up to theory and conjecture.

Aside from the information provided that was unknown prior, the scrolls give a unique, first-person insight to the process of overthrowing the kingdom, which is now known as a chaotic period full of strife thanks to the contents of the scrolls. The author is unknown, and no known pen name was left behind on the scrolls, and it is not even known if the scrolls were all written by one person. Their age and detailing of the events in question, however, leave a great amount of information behind on an era once completely shrouded in mystery.

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