Vecys is a small but ancient city-state in Doras Edrossi. It rests on the northeast side of the Embergleam Range, one of the largest mountain ranges in the region. In ancient times, sometime during the founding of the Drakonian Republic, it was founded as a colony and was constructed on both sides of the mountain range, which eventually led to development of a large tunnel system that led into Drakonia to ensure supply and trade was more convenient.

The southern portion of the city which rested within Drakonia was eventually destroyed by the Dragon Wars, leaving only the northern district of the city intact. The series of tunnels that enter Drakonia are often attempted survey by historians and looters but their efforts are halted due to the tunnels being filled with suffocating smoke from the flames that still burn in the aftermath of the destructive war that fell the Drakonian Empire long ago.

The southern portion of the city is often called "Daemitas" by the locals due to superstition, Daemitas roughly translates to "Demon city" in Drakonin. There had been accounts of dark figures sighted at the ruins of the city, which according to the superstition, sneak into the tunnels at dusk and terrorize people in their dreams and kidnap children and cattle. Oddly enough, there had been many accounts of cattle missing, horrid nightmares and children gone missing so perhaps there is some truth behind it.

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