Valraenos is an independent lordship located on the central border between Ceryne and Ethryke, using the region of Leyse Woodlands as natural protection. Valraenos is the seat of House Varalys, and is a relatively prosperous nation due to trade with city-states. Its walls are formidable, and the town as a whole is situated conveniently deep within the woodlands.

It was built around Drakonian ruins from long ago, presumably during the days of the Drakonian Empire. These ruins can be seen around the area, and often attract tourism. The town was built by Vaegel Varalys during the 6th Era, 469 BC after the devastating Dragon Wars which had wiped the glorious city of Drakonia and its empire off the map entirely. With nowhere else to go, Vaegel established a small group which commenced the construction of Valraenos, built in what he called "The shadow of the dragon's fury" -- likely referencing the large cloud of smoke that persisted for months in the south after Drakonia's final siege.

It has since been the seat of House Varalys; they are independent and have no liege lord ruling over them. The bordering city-states of Ethryke and Ceryne have been speculated to have plotted to subjugate the petty kingdom.

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