Valictus Tyrolar (born August 7, 283 AC) is a Cerynian scholar and diplomat, who is most notable for his work in defining cultures abroad and his borderline obsession with informing the public of all of his discoveries. Of his work, he has discovered the inner workings of Balbadian culture, including their social structure, hierarchy, and faiths, which are numerous and often hostile to one another, as well as work in other cultures such as piecing together the history of the Koshtadic people based on their descendants, the Tegrushkin and the men of Frostfall.

Since 307 AC, Valictus has been working on a large project known as A Treatise on the Darkness, in which he covers three cultures in some detail and describes how they have, in some way or another, cult followings of The Shadow, and how these cults seek to bring ruin to the world by invoking the power of their lord Faranohr. His first edition was published in 338 AC to some critical acclaim, though his wish to have the information spread to as many people as possible was ignored; the only people who took interest in his work are those involved in the same field, and realizing this he republished his work in 350 AC with a foreword and two new volumes to add onto the three existing ones.

Once his work was acknowledged, he was made a councilor in his motherland of Ceryne the year following its original publication; 339 AC, and then became the head of the Cerynian Council in 347 AC, a position which he has used to support his work via funding and recognition of his authority. He is cognizant of his age, and has made efforts to not let this affect him or his work ethic; some have called for his resignation, believing him old and stuck in his ways, though others are proponents of his views that he has aside from his life's work.

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