The Upper Chamber of Lords, officially The Upper Chamber of Lords, Dukes, and Margraves, is the highest primary branch in the Thyllanorian government, being outranked only by the Lord Paramount himself in matters of state.

The Upper Chamber currently consists of six people, all of whom are masters of their craft; the Overseer and primary leader of the Upper Chamber is Malric Markwell, who was notably a regent for Dalan II Karthmere as he grew up in the 330s AC. The Marshal of the Armies is currently Albrod Calnus, one of three Auxiliary Generals in the Thyllanorian military and one of the finest martial minds anywhere in Andoras. The Lord of the Treasury is Rollick Karthmere, the brother of military commander Allistair Karthmere. The Lord of Espionage is currently Jare Tharaide, a Meyronian who earned Thyllanorian citizenship following his demonstration of skills, and the youngest one on the Upper Chamber. The Archpentem of Thyllaanor is currently Sellick Grotham; formerly, it was current Pentarch Iulios Saely. Finally, the representative of the nobles and their Houses, the Lord of the Court is currently Wilum Rutherford, whose house does not own any landed titles but remains noble due to Wilum's status as a member of the Upper Chamber.


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