Visual representation of an Uldor.

Uldor are an otherworldly, demonic creature of immense size that dwell in the Shadowlands and Drakonia. They have appeared throughout history but are most prominent during the War of the Shadow. These creatures are the oldest and most powerful servants of The Shadow and have caused immense damage throughout the ages.

They appear as large, horned, dragon-like humanoids with scaly skin which burns with violent flame. Masters of dark sorcery and pyromancy, they are able to conjure weaponry made purely of fire and strike with colossal blows, some prefer to use their massive fiery claws.

Draqipane Dragomyr was able to combat these creatures and even kill them during the War of the Shadow. Draqipane relied on powerful sorcery to slay the beasts, felling even the general of the Uldor, Sceledrus.

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