The Treaty of Dragonspire was a treaty officiated by the Dealing Council that served to end the Civil War of Andoras by serving as the document that officially declared the war over and codified the terms of the Andorasi Postbellum in such a way as to mitigate conflict between the surviving parties of the war -- those being the now-independent lords of the continent after having either successfully overthrown House Dragomárus under the faction of Dalan Karthmere, or those who failed to defend the crown (i.e. House Brackwater, House Stenwulf, House Tyseth and other minor belligerents in defense of the kingdom).

Though representatives from both sides were present to sign and adhere to the treaty, it soon entered the Andorasi lexicon as something of a running joke or outrage, depending on which side one falls on; very few victors over the Kingdom deemed it necessary to follow any of the terms once it was realized that the Drakonian Union would not back the Dealing Council's ruling, and within a year it was met with universal discredit among the victorious major lords of Andoras such as Karthmere or Byron Grimolt -- such discredit, it should be said, led to the very War of Embers that the Treaty tried to prevent. On the opposing side, lords were initially relieved that the treaty had fallen in their favor and that they would not have their titles revoked or end up in prison for defending the crown, but many among them were not present at the convention that presented the treaty, and to this day tempers persist because the Dealing Council planted proxies in order to sign on behalf of these lords, such as Dessar Tyseth and Rolland Brackwater, who both were at their respective courts avoiding their expected capture (Rolland was also nursing an injury he had sustained while trying to lift the Second Siege of Dragonspire).

The one term of the treaty that was oft-overlooked was the same one that has actually empowered the Dealing Council in some fashion and enabled the Edrossians to have a stake in Andoras -- muddled in the mix of bureaucratic language and minor terms that would transfer particular duties over to new entities and committees following the dissolution of their Kingdom counterparts, the Council essentially snuck in a clause that gave control of Dragonspire City and some of its surrounding territory to themselves, and backed the clause by using their own personal assets to hire mercenaries that defended this claim if it were to be challenged. They held Dragonspire for eight months, and in the process assembled a council of Andorasi who were Edrossian sympathizers, completing the council by appointing Dunstan Chambers -- the former Andorasi ambassador to Meyron -- as its leader. Dunstan is well-known in Doras Edrossi for his attempts to bring Andoras closer to the City-States, and for many, this appointment served as the outright confirmation of the Dealing Council attempting to meddle in Andorasi affairs and make a move to usurp the now-fractured Kingsland.


The most important terms of the treaty were as follows (paraphrasing, except for certain direct quotations as denoted):

  • The Kingdom of Andoras is internationally recognized as becoming defunct as of the signing of this treaty, November 3rd, 348 AC
  • House Dragomárus is removed from the heraldic rolls and their former demesne divvied up to be granted to various lords in the Kingsland, which is now fractured into several small independent states in the absence of a realm lord
  • No wars shall be permitted between the surviving participants for up to 10 years from this date to allow for "tensions directly related to this polarizing conflict" to fade away -- in other words, any wars after 10 years would be for reasons not associated with the outcome of the Civil War and therefore not fall under the umbrella of the Treaty
  • The victors may not impose unjust punishment on the defeated faction, as they were "led into the battle by a king lacking his reasonable faculties, yet the defenders of the crown were guided by just principles and a desire to maintain the natural order and hierarchy" -- this clause was meant to prevent the capture, tribute or other punishment otherwise that might be endured by the losing realms
  • "For purposes of securing the region in the tumultuous wake of this war, and for maintaining a beneficial status quo, the Dealing Council hereby assumes indirect control of the city of Dragonspire and surrounding territories, and will perform all necessary diplomatic, martial, and administrative actions to ensure its security until the stability of the former Kingsland region can be ascertained and attended to in a respectable and responsible manner."
    • "Furthermore, the Dealing Council will found a committee that will seek out the best possible candidates to perform these aforementioned diplomatic, martial, and administrative duties, which will allow the Council to retract its powers and its claim to these powers, and return to their normal business in Meyron upon the conclusion of this committee's work."
  • The title "Kingdom of Andoras" may not ever be claimed or held by anyone ever again, and "lords of the realms are highly encouraged and obligated by the example set by the preceding kingdom" to refrain from ever trying to reunite Andoras as one nation.
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