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The Magisterium of the City-State of Thysia
Largest city Thysia
Official language(s) Thysian Low-Drakonian
Recognised regional languages Zaentovi
Common Tongue
Ethnic groups  Thysian


(And several other ethnicities from other city-states)
Type Magistrate
Government Magistrate City-State
 -  Magister Galon Malgoris
Establishment c. 9,800 BC
 -   estimate 180,000 - 220,000 

Thysia is a city-state on the far eastern end of Doras Edrossi. Being one

of the first-ever colonies of the early Drakonian Empire, and perhaps the first, being founded in roughly 9,800 BC, Thysia has seen a lot pass through its walls in the ten thousand years of its existence. At one point being the largest city-state in Doras Edrossi and perhaps the largest city in the world (after Drakonia, of course) from the Fourth to the Sixth Eras, as the main headquarters for slavery in the Drakonian Empire, that number quickly plummeted with the onset of the Gladiator War and later, the Dragon Wars, which nearly completely destroyed all of Thysia's existing infrastructure and caused it to shrink from nearly a million to just a measly 10,000 after 500 BC. Without slavery, the city had little income and had to rely on other measures to become even a shadow of its former self.

Ever since then, Thysia has been regrowing, and remains at a stagnant 200,000 people; and it also remains the only city-state to tolerate slavery, sticking to the traditions that made it great centuries and even now, millennia ago.

Founding and early existence