Thyllanorian is the national language of the region of Thyllanor and the Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor. It is spoken by approximately four million people, and has been showing signs of decline for several generations as the Common Tongue has taken precedence.

Thyllanorian is typically described as the bastard tongue of a bastard tongue. It is the closest thing to the Drakonian language on Andorasi land, and second only to Ethrykian -- its father dialect -- on Doras Edrossi. Closer into the linguistics, Thyllanorian is closer to Ethrykian than any other Low Drakonian dialect, due to the Tribe of Karth originally hailing from northern Ethryke.

As of now, most people know Thyllanorian as a first language in Thyllanor, but the Common Tongue is almost always used in day-to-day speaking, and there are some who do not even know Thyllanorian. Some say this is a sign of the modern times, others say it is because the Thyllanorians are losing their tradition.

Dialects and extinct versions of Thyllanorian

Old Thyllanorian - Almost entirely based off of Ethrykian Low Drakonian, Old Thyllanorian was marked by a high Edrossi influence early in its existence. When the language began to mix with the Alettonic native tongues, it manifested into Early Antique Thyllanorian. Old Thyllanorian is said to be so different from modern Thyllanorian that most native speakers of the current language could not decipher even simple sentences.

Early Antique Thyllanorian - Early Antique Thyllanorian was a short-lived version of Thyllanorian when the language was composed of its Ethrykian roots and the languages of the Alettonic tribes. It did not last very long, as soon after its development, the missionaries of the Two Paragons from Doras Edrossi would return and further permeate the language with Edrossi influence, turning it into Late Antique Thyllanorian, which it would remain as such until the Dragomyr invasion of Andoras.

Late Antique Thyllanorian - Considered one of the primary languages that contributed to the development of the Common Tongue, a lingua franca for all of Andoras, Late Antique Thyllanorian was the primary form of Thyllanorian for thousands of years, from the Second Era to the start of the Eighth. Late Antique Thyllanorian is very similar to modern Thyllanorian, and some have called for it to be considered a dialect rather than a separate incarnation of Thyllanorian. This form of the language, which uses more of the Andorasi root words and etymologies, is considered easier to understand by native speakers of other Andorasi languages and are unable to speak the Common Tongue, in somewhat a form of mutual intelligibility.

Modern Thyllanorian - Modern Thyllanorian is virtually Late Antique Thyllanorian with more of a Common Tongue edge; as it sits, the language is relatively balanced in its usage of Andorasi and Edrossi roots, whereas Late Antique Thyllanorian was favored towards the Andorasi roots, and Early Antique Thyllanorian was favored towards the Edrossi.

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