A geographical map of Thyllanor made using its current borders.

Thyllanor could refer to three things:

The Thyllanorian kingdom of the First and Second Eras,

Thyllanor (kingdom), or the Kingdom of Thyllanor, which existed from the Fifth to the Eighth Era.

or Thyllanor, as it exists today; the Realm of Thyllanor/Titular Kingdom of Thyllanor, as Dalan II Karthmere attempts to reinstate the kingdom following the Civil War and the dissolution of the Kingdom of Andoras.

Other links related to Thyllanor:

Thyllanorian Interregnum, the period of time between 330 and 332 AC when there was no official ruler of Thyllanor

Thyllanorian, the native language of Thyllanor

Thyllanorian military, the armed forces of Thyllanor

Thyllanorian government, the structure of Thyllanor's government and the branches that it includes

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