The Realm of the Wetlands is a realm on par with a kingdom that was founded -- as an independent state -- in 348 AC, following the deposition of House Dragomárus in the Civil War. Before that, it was one of the realms that made up the vassalage of the Kingdom of Andoras, from the Dragomárus invasion until Aeganar IV Dragomárus's death. It is currently ruled by Rolland Brackwater, of House Brackwater.

The Wetlands has not been inhabited as long as some of the others in Andoras, but is still populated with people who are known as the native Andorasi; among the group are also Gardorians, Alettons, and Moonlytes. It is not known exactly when the first signs of human habitation showed up in the Wetlands, but some estimates and little evidence points to people arriving from the north around 14,000 years ago.

At first, the overgrowth and thick, swampy marshes -- land not at all good for farming -- turned most away from the prospect of settling there. It was, however, a kingdom by the time the Edrossian missionaries of Nyule and what would become the Five Paragons set sail to make contact with Andoras in the late First Era, and maintained an air of respect and integrity for almost all of recorded history that The Wetlands were present in. The last king of the Wetlands, Termel II Brackwater, actually was the first ruler to surrender to the advances of Draegon I Dragomárus in the conquest. He was wise and knew that if he attempted to fight back, the dragon Nerion would torch the entire swampland; not only killing everyone there, but making it uninhabitable. Some in the Wetlands are still loyal to the Dragomári and the Kingdom of Andoras to this day, despite both being gone.

As of the present, The Wetlands are in a tense state, with the War of Embers breaking out and dipping into its terrain. A male member of House Gallomont was killed in the Battle of Riverbay, and a peace summit was recently conducted, with Rolland himself attending. Through a series of declining relations, Dalan Karthmere punched him in the lip and stormed off, causing increasingly harmed relations between the Wetlands and Thyllanor.


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