The Trade Act of Andoras was the first act of the sixteen passed within the span of the Tentative Years, the period between the Farmers' Revolution and the Civil War of the Kingdom of Andoras, at the time ruled by Aeganar IV Dragomárus, who at this point in time had put down a revolution and had earned a budding reputation for tyranny already, only to worsen with the coming years.

The act itself imposed a massive tariff on all goods exported from Andoras and increased tax within the nation. This act was passed mainly to restore the economy of the kingdom, which had been negatively affected by the Farmers' Revolution, which had ended barely four months before this decree had been passed.


Act I of the Post-Rebellion Year - Concerning the Commerce and Trade of the Kingdom

Let it be known, in the name of the Dragomyr dynasty and its patriarch and rightful Ruler, Aegor Dragomyr, from here thereon, until further notice, that the Kingdom of Andoras will raise its tariffs and taxes on the common goods of the land; and in all cases, from which we are to say insofar as (1). counts as a trading agreement between two parties, (2). involves a trade of Andorasi currency (note exchange rates vary for the regional currencies) or monetary promise to be paid at a later date, and (3). involves one or more parties receiving goods promised to in exchange for the other two requirements to be fulfilled; then it is considered a trade and 45 percent of the wealth incurred by the receiving party must be paid to the Kingdom, to cover for expenses caused by the Traitors of Thyllanor and the "Farrowhalt Freehold" which was established in its domain. An additional fee for all exported goods is to increase 15 percent for everything brought across the seas or from a distant land. An assigned shiphand will determine the cost of tariff and will report to an assigned government individual in the respective port, and the two officials will work out an acceptable fee. Regardless of what tax is deducted from the total rightful sum, a man will always receive at least one dragon to his name for the goods that he imports to Andoras.

Failure to comply with these procedures will result in punishment, including but not limited to; seizure of liquid and illiquid assets, arrest, and, if deemed serious enough, even execution.

In the Name of our Lord and King, Aeganar IV Dragomarus, and in the Name of Andoras. Paratho Daerod!

- Royal decree, May 17, 331 AC
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