This pamphlet to be distributed to passerby on the streets of Northern Mournare, courtesy of the Proselytization Sect of the Church of the Five

The Paragons Cometh!

To all ye who might underestimate the gods, or doubt the oneness of creation, hear this tale; the gods walk amongst us, and they walk in disappointment!

It's true: Those who you may worship, those who you bring offerings to, those whose names you invoke, whether it be for good or naught -- they may very well be your neighbor, your compatriot, your king! Of course, this would be the case, if we had not fallen so far from the good graces of our heavenly masters! When they walk among us, they bow their heads in shame, to look upon us in such a state of disarray. Were Teios's teachings for naught when he tirelessly advocated for the betterment of the other man? Do you intend to cast Caridre a heretic of her own virtue, using the twisted judicial practices of modernity for your own gain?

Never forget that our faith is a varied one and has changed much with the passage of time, but one thing has always remained constant; the Apolyx remains steadfast, looking to us and begging the collective of mankind for just one smidgen -- one meager fraction of a ration in goodness! It demands our very being be given up, for the continuation and prosperity of mankind and its like. Even the primitive gilfolk of the southern lands or the cannibals of Koshtad are eligible in the divine raffle that finds men worthy of committing high treason against the demon that has imprisoned his soul in this world, but we have remained stagnant for nigh a thousand years as the time to choose ever-so-dwindles! Open your eyes and see the city of Dragonspire in spiritual rubble; open your ears and hear the foul music that emanates from the words "Con-crownist", "I believe in no gods but my own", "I believe in no gods"! Foul anathema!

I ask once more -- do these words mean anything to you: Alzar the Warrior Spirit, Varen the Eternal Prophet, Teios the Mad Lover, Caridre the Lawbearer, Kelos the Steadfast Worker? Are you one of those who so preciously values the accomplishments of the great-but-mortal Draqipane Sognator, the Profezanite? If so, then how can you not strive to be as they are, to be perfect protectors of virtue? The celestial disappointment must be great, indeed, if you are the best mankind can offer, and have not fastened these names to your heart and your conscience!

The madfolk have established this in their treatises and ravings, and the pentems seem to say as much in their sermons; the time will come where the end dawns upon us in untimely horror, and it cannot be stopped unless YOU -- and make no mistake, reader, I refer explicitly to YOU -- do your part to save your soul, as we can only do so much for it.

Recall the ancient words of St. Malveus when he proclaimed the Paragons Cometh! There remains more defenders of providence to be discovered; more apolyxetic soldiers to join that destined army! Let us defy the odds and expectations of our forefathers -- of our own gods! Let the Everything bathe you in virtue and emerge anew, ready to stand against the forces of the Destroyer Who Came Before!

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