The Ebon Band is a rather large mercenary group situated within the northern borders of Doras Edrossi at their fortress of Black Keep. They are known for their brutality and willingness to take jobs even other companies will not.


The Ebon Band officially came into existence 135 years ago when a Tegrushkin berserker by the name of Rodiv Vakar had defeated the original leader of a small band of mercenaries, whose tight-knit camaraderie meant there was no need for any sort of name; to them, they were just a band of comrades and friends. This did not extend to their leader, who was an irate and tyrannical man only after selfish gain. The men of the leader that Rodiv had slain were clueless on what to do with their lives -- though they were grateful for Rodiv granting them another chance, none of them had any other idea of where to go next. Most were freelancers, outcasts, and criminals. They couldn't simply return to a 'normal' life within their respected homelands. 

Rodiv had an idea as he peered upon the saddened, leaderless, and now jobless men. The berserker gripped his axe, holding it high within the air as his booming voice echoed through what is now known as The Black Keep. 
Follow me now, men. If you're worth a damn then raise your weapons high within the air. I will lead us to victory!
- Rodiv to the mercenaries.
From thereon, Rodiv lead the Ebon Band, and for 135 years they have been a small but highly respected mercenary band who are known for their willingness to attempt assignments and contracts that most other would find outrageous or asking too much. For all of the Ebon Band's existence, a Tegrushkin has held the position of warlord. They have no problem finding recruits, as many able-bodied men in Doras Edrossi find the prospect of adventure, glory, and personal freedom enticing, despite the Band's hardened discipline and training regimen. Because of the company's Tegrudic majority, they are known for what some would consider uncouth methods in combat; they hold little care for honor, preferring to exploit any opportunity they may get to receive the upper hand in a conflict.
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