The Dragonlord is the main god of The Dragonlord pantheon. He is an immensely powerful deity, according to religious scriptures; he is directly responsible for creating men, dragons and the earth. It is said he created Drakonians and Dragons together and they share dragonblood in relativity. His dragons Nveryll was created by him for certain responsibilities. Examples being that Nveryll is the preserver of life on Drakonius, and prosperity in the universe, but Faranohr's dragon Messeneth negates these, spreading chaos, disease and famine. Together, the four make up the Dragonlord faith.

Aside from the lack of acknowledging Nveryll and Messeneth as dragons but rather as sort of the lesser agents, under the Creator and The Shadow, who are the two balancing forces of light and dark that govern creation, the claim that the Dragonlord and Faranohr are merely the Creator and Shadow given self-awareness/spirit, and also acknowledging the universe itself as divine in some aspect, the Magopurist faith does not differ much from the Dragonlord, as they both have their cultural origins in Drakonia.


According to the religion, as said above; The Dragonlord is responsible for the creation of man, dragon and the earth. The religion may have started long before the days of Aegorus Dragomarus as his accounts of the Dragonlord are not the oldest. It could be presumed that the Age of Creation is when the worship of the Dragonlord had began, as it is believed that the gods of the world were at their peak of power.

The earliest manifestations of The Dragonlord date back far into Drakonian history; even visual accounts from Edrossians have been recorded in their early writing stages. Drakonian runes, which were an early form of writing for the Drakonian people, often described the Dragonlord as a tall man wrapped in dragonscales -- his eyes regal and gold with a helmet shaped like a dragons head and a plume adorned the top made of fire. Others, such as Edrossians often saw him similarly in appearance, with perhaps a few differences -- however the Drakonian visual accounts are believed as his true manifestation.

With the Dragonlord creating Nveryl and Messeneth, they themselves would eventually have created or bred their own flights of dragons. These dragons would continue onward to breed and prosper, their numbers are said to have exceeded the thousands during the early millennia of the world. These dragons would often war with legendary beasts that, like dragons may no longer be as prominent as the early ages. Messenethic dragons would war with creatures, create chaos -- whilst the Nveryllic dragons would focus on their survival and prosperity, often times doing what they must to protect life.

The Dragonlord's creations would eventually become the companions of the Drakonians, whom themselves were created alongside dragons in the earliest days of the world. For the Drakonians, those strong with the dragonblood were able to tame and ride dragons. It was purported that Drakonians with prominent, glowing eyes colored gold, silver, orange and red were capable of dragontaming. These eye colors were also common with dragons as well and is perhaps proof of their dragonblood.

Over time, the Dragonlord became prominent as Aegorus Dragomarus began creating Drakonia and as the Drakonian Empire began with Aevorius Ignitius Dragomarus. It spread throughout southern Doras Edrossi, but did not seem to go any further north as the Tegrushkin were stubborn in their ways. Eastern nations such as the Haajidi, Zaentovi, Sigorians and others also would not accept the religion. This eventually lead to missionaries being beaten, harrassed or even killed and overall built up to the Drakonian Crusades.

During the height of the Drakonian Empire, the Dragonlord had successfully spread vast, reaching most of central Doras Edrossi and the east to Drakonteia. Another manifestation occured with the Dragonlord, resulting in one of the most widely known Drakonian scriptures to date. When the Empire had formed with the arrival of Aevorius Ignitius Dragomarus, The Dragonlord is said to have manifested and encouraged Aevorius's suggestion of conquest and promised great glory but also great defeat to the Imperator. The result was the First Invasion, a long bloody conquest that claimed a vast amount of land beyond the Embergleam.


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