The ancient following of the Dragonlord dominated the Summerlands back in the day. Apparently he was responsible for creating dragons ... the bastard.
- Aeron Strong
The Dragonlord is a religion that dominated southern Doras Edrossi and city-states of Drakonian origins. It was practiced and revered far and wide by the Drakonian people and on some occaisons, even non-Drakonians. Even though many of them were converted to the Five Paragons, some of the royal family from House Dragomyr still followed the Dragonlord. In present day, practice of the Dragonlord has began to fade but is still prominent in some city-states, such as Ceryne.


It is believed that the following of the Dragonlord originated beyond recorded history in Doras Edrossi, sometime during the Age of Creation. According to legend, the Dragonlord was responsible for the creation of men, dragons and the world itself. It is said that the Dragonlord had created dragons and Drakonians alongside each other and they share blood relativity, quite literally meaning that Drakonians carry the blood of dragons, which may account for their inborn ability to tame and ride them. It is also purported that Drakonians with red, gold or orange eyes are the closest to their dragonkin cousins.

It is said that the Dragonlord has manifested himself several times over the course of history, during times of peril or celebration. Aegorus Dragomarus is believed to have followed the word of the Dragonlord during the construction of Drakonia and apparently acquired his blessing in order to complete the city. While the legitimacy of these claims are often brought to question, mostly by practitioners of the Five, evidence of such events as Aegorus creating the city of Drakonia; massive ruins stand where the city once stood and even written accounts of Drakonian runes made by Aegorus himself seem to challenge accusations.


The Dragonlord faith states that there is only one god, The Dragonlord himself. However, the belief itself is centered around three dieties:

The Dragonlord, god of fire, balance, strength, justice and creation.

Messeneth, the bringer of darkness, destruction, chaos, famine and disease.

Nveryll, the bringer of light, harvest, life, prosperity and joy.

Messeneth and Nveryll are depicted as dragons, who are believed to have lived at some point in time. Apparently, they are both the common ancestor of every dragon who has ever lived. Depending on who the dragon descended from, it would also determine how their personality and physical attributes would be effected. Dragons descended from Messeneth could be large, powerful and plagued with the possibility of erratic or unstable behavior later in maturity. Nveryll descendants would be loyal, trustworthy but may not be as large or strong as Messeneth descendants, although Nveryll dragons are not likely to obtain fluctuating behavior. Gavarex for example, is believed to have been a descendant of Messeneth.

The Dragonlord himself created men, dragons and the world and during so, he created Messeneth and Nveryll to aid in the balance of life and destruction that was needed to create the constant cycle of the world, that is life and death. It is stated that Messeneth and Nveryll, because it is their very purpose, they are constantly at war. According to belief, it is said that their war had gotten out of hand at one point and almost completely eradicated everything, however the Dragonlord was said to have stopped the battle and restored the balance between them.
Without life, death is for naught. Without death, life is but an endless suffering. Balance is the stability to our creation, maintain it.
- The Dragonlord
The Dragonlord is idolized by the balance that he preserves in the world. It is believed by those who follow, that it is by his will that during times of great peril or even peace, be it the end of a devastating winter or the start of a great war, it is him simply maintaining the balance. By practictioners, he is not seen as a good, nor an evil deity -- however to those who worship him, his practices are respected as many believe balance in the world is just and fair. The idea of certain events such as a great loss of life or a prosperous harvest is considered necessary in the world by Dragonlord idolizers, the idea that good and bad must happen for the good of all men and the earth.
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