A place for peasants to act as lords, and lords to act as peasants. Jolly place all around, if you ask me.
- Edryck Lane


The Crow's Call Tavern was the largest inn in Brand, located in the Market District just below the Hollow District and Keep. It's position made it a popular location for boozing and merriment in the city. In fact, many of the nobles from the Hollow District often left their stone walls for the tavern for the comforting or upbeat bard music or the cold drink. Some of the dedicated patrons of the Tavern include Duchess Catina Sewick, Sir Edryck Lane, Sir Venn Calyth, Saylon Hawthill, and Sir Waltir Sewick. When Toryll Lane or Merril Sewick visited the city, they would join them in their festivities, but stayed in the Hollow Keep instead of renting a room. 

Morgan Thomas

Morgan Thomas
Morgan Thomas is the proprietor and barkeep of Crow's Call, and typically was uninvolved in the merriment and splendor taking part in his tavern, indifferent so long as the coin kept coming into the business. Not to say he wasn't particularly sociable, he was more focused on keeping his business from being torn apart by rowdy customers than making conversation. 

With the tavern's prosperity and success, Morgan has hired two barmaids and a bodyguard, making his job significantly easier. He spends most of his time behind the bar, feet up on the counter, filling the occasional drink when his barmaids were occupied.

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