The Battle of Mountain's Tongue was a battle in the Civil War between House Ramstone, a formerly neutral house that fought for the Crown, and a conglomeration force composed of men from Thyllanor and Raunerre. The Ramstones, which had amassed their army in secret, suddenly attacked the rebel army and caught them off-guard, forcing them to lose and killing two royals; one of House Karthmere, and one of House Grimolt.

The battle took place at the river Mountain's Tongue, which runs from the quarry-township of Ramstone at the edge of the Moonlyt Peaks. This same location is where a levy force of Karthmeres and the Grimolts, both Houses of which had been in revolt against Aegor IV Dragomyr in the Civil War had gathered to march as reinforcement upon the city of Dragonspire, which was soon to be besieged. The Karthmeres were the rulers of the Realm of Thyllanor, while the Grimolts were the rulers of the Realm of Raunerre. Their actual rulers, however, were not present, and were at the then-ongoing First Siege of Dragonspire.

After some days march, they attained roughly two thousand men and set forth on their campaign. The force had very little horses, being comprised mainly of longbowmen and footmen, making them slower paced than an average army. As a result, the army found itself to make several stops along the way, and one of these stops became by the shallow river of Mountain's Tongue, near the border of The Wetlands and Thyllanor. Upon their arrival with tired and hungry men, they would seek to find a good field for minor fortifications, and good ground for an encampment; only to meet a force of the Dragomyr loyalists at approximately three thousand five hundred men-at-arms and mounted Knights, led by a formerly neutral house. The house was House Ramstone, of the Moonlyt Peaks.

The fresh army of the loyalists would close up on the Karthmere-Grimolt forces with quite some haste, with their larger numbers causing fear to strike within the levy of the rebels. The battle broke out in a heavy but brief clash, only lasting for three hours. It consisted of cycle charges from the cavalry units, great lines of shield-walls clashing in the midst of the great field, crossbow volleys from hundreds of yards uphill, and archer fire raining down on both sides.

The loyalist army lead by Feldrich Ramstone would see victory that day as they almost completely annihilated the rebel forces on the battlefield, killing Allistair Karthmere, a cousin of the Paramount Dalan Karthmere, and a younger lord by the name Balthasar Grimolt, who was a distant relative of Byron Grimolt.

The battle coming together was a slight surprise to most, as House Ramstone had certainly not voiced themselves as loyalists to the crown or any faction in the war, yet their attack was devastating and proved to be quite the set-back for the rebels, who were expecting reinforcements from the northern front to aid in the First Siege of Dragonspire. The forces of House Ramstone had then joined the armies of Daemalor Celtheon in nearby Thyllanor, which was part of Celtheon's northern campaign against Thyllanor and the Moonlyt Peaks.

After the war ended, House Ramstone had their titles stripped and their noble name renounced, with Feldrich himself being imprisoned for his crimes. Although this was in direct breach of the Treaty of Dragonspire's clause that those who fought for the Crown were not to be punished, very few Paramouncies followed it after the war, and it was not highly upheld on either side of the former enemies.

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