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The Thaurosians, also known as the Thau'ronkri (Spears of the Gods) in their native tongue, are a ethnic group native to central Doras Edrossi. They are one of the oldest recorded peoples of the known world, due to the fact that their language, customs, and religion have not changed much over thirteen thousand years. The Drakonian people have records of the Thaurosians that date back to when the Drakonian Empire first began expanding eons prior.

A Thaurosian Thaukri (Spearman)


The first recorded evidence of the Thaurosians as a united nation and people date back to the writings of one Naeronos Tybaericus, an early Drakonian scribe and explorer of the Drakonian-Exploratii. It describes the first contact with the Thaurosians as one of great peace and friendship, unlike the normal Drakonian ways of conquering via force. Naeronos had recently discovered a shipment leaving Thauros and saw that their main exports were Tigers-Eye, Rubies, and Fire-Opals, gems of which the Drakonians coveted the most due to their semblance of fire and magma.

Due to the militaristic prowess of the Thaurosians and stubborn nature of the peoples, the Dragon-Lords instead called for a meeting with the grand-cities ruling families. The summit known as Dae Hastatus, which translate to "Spearman Taming", referring to their eventual turning of Thauros into a trade-ally and tributary. This meeting was agreed on by both sides and the Dae-Hastatus stated that the Thaurosians would act as a buffer-zone and shield against the barbaric Tegrush to the north, and trade with the Drakonians their rare jewels.

Military and Tactics

The Thaurosian military consists of three main subdivisions, this includes the Imirkri (Spearbrothers), the Norikri (Javeliners), the most coveted of the Thaurosian military branches were the Mamot'dyan (Mammoth Riders). Imirkri could set up shield walls in a phalanx formation and were known to rarely break formation unless to march forward. A well trained Norikri could easily throw a spear up too eight hundred feet with pinpoint accuracy due to their use of a strange tool called an Kri-Atlatl, which in the Thaurosian language means "Spear Thrower".

A Thaurosian Mamot'dyan

However, despite their prowess with spears, the Thaurosians are the only known culture to actually have tamed the Mammoth. Mammoths being the large furry pachyderms native to Northern Doras Edrossi. It is unknown as to how these spears-warriors of Thauros came to tame these multi-tonne beasts but nevertheless the Mammoth is a known weapon in their arsenal. Not only used to break armies but also as living siege weapons.