High Aristocracy of Thauros
Motto: "Seclo juntas delonias"
"Valor above all."
(and largest city)
Upper Thauros
Official language(s) Thaurosian
Recognised regional languages (Extremely small portions)

Common tongue

Ethnic groups  Thaurosian, Yalendan
Government Militaristic Aristocracy
 -  Potentate Avril Lorogon
 -  Potentate Koliys Talasa
Establishment c. 4,000 BC
Thauros is a sovereign territory with its own special yet complicated type of government. It is a Militaristic Aristocracy is which the richest of families may run for election for the title of Potentate. It always has no more or less than two leaders. 

Early history

None are sure of where the Tharussians came from. They have apparently always been within their respected mountain range. Even when the Drakonians were having their very first kingdom ten thousand years ago, the Thaurussians have always been there. Their language itself is not related to any other and is considered a language isolate.

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