Tegrush is a tribal kingdom situated on the northern shores of Doras Edrossi adjacent to the Frozen Sea, an ocean that lies to the furthest north. It is home to the Tegrushkin.


Tegrush is a fairly large territory abundant with forests and small mountain ranges. It contains various cities within its borders such as Lej Kaldahk and the capital Kaldahk, they both situate on the northwestern forested coast of Tegrush territory. Kal, a village famed for its bountiful fishing ground, rests on the Forbidden Run which flows north to meet the Frozen sea. Small villages such as Kaldarr and Kalvikk are based in the mountainous regions; the keep of Kalholme is located at the southern foot of the Tegrushkin Mountains.

Beyond the borders of Tegrush are few hunting villages and small settlements used to sustain raiding parties. Kal Kvigahk and Kalmjr are two notable settlements beyond Tegrush territories.


See article Tegrushkin.

Cultures from more civilized backgrounds, such as Andorasi or Edrossians often note their observations of the Tegrushkin society as being primitive and barbaric. Traditionally, only the strongest of Tegrushkin can lead the kingdom and are usually handpicked and put through trial for the public to decide upon once the trial ends. If the public cannot decide, they are often put into an arena and duel to the death, the victor claims the throne. The Tegrushkin value strength above all and have been more prone to determine the election the bloody way in present day.

Raiding is a common practice and a noted tradition. Small children are taught to fight early and take place in raids to pass into adulthood. Hunting large game is also traditional. Tegrushkin youth, boys and girls alike are commonly known to pit themselves against one another in brawls in their spare time to appease their fathers.

Men usually wear beards long and short, sometimes braided. It has been said that Tegrushkin without beards are mocked as "lesser men" or "smoothfaces".

Recent Events

War of Embers

The Tegrushkin have recently declared a grand raid on the south.

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