Taranyon Estate
Vital statistics
Type Large Estate

Two small towns

Level Taranyon family home
Location Meyron
Inhabitants 700-750 (Merchants, Servants, Farmers)
 Taranyon Estate is the family home of the patrician house, House Taranyon . Within it contains the actual family home, the Taranyon Villa, and two small servant towns. A large personal farm to keep the towns fed and economy growing is located within the town of Greencliff, and a large plantation is located outside of the city.  The Taranyon Estate was built on a 200-acre patch of land in the southern, then-undeveloped end of the Meyron city limits. Plans for it began in 170 AC, and the construction was finished in 174. Adjacent buildings, such as a servant house and guesthouses, were added on after Caelthon Taranyon's death, with the servant house being finished in 205 AC and the two guesthouses being completed in 211 AC. An additional 150-acre addition to the plot was added with a purchase from Varen Taranyon's great-grandfather, Delaenero Taranyon, in 248 AC. The estate occupies much of Meyron's south side. The south side of Meyron, with the development of the estate, grow exponentially after its settling and is now a merchant hotspot.

The small town of Greencliff. A well off place for merchants to sell goods. Only one of the two towns in the Taranyon Estate.

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