I will cross the White Sea with hell in my wake and I will paint it red.
- Taeronys Dragomárus

Taeronys Dragomárus (born August 6th, 327 AC) is the current head of House Dragomárus and among the last few remaining members of the dynasty, alongside his younger brother and sister. He is the eldest son of King Aeganar IV Dragomárus and Queen Hylaera Aentykleia, heir-apparent and crown prince of the Kingdom of Andoras and the former lord of Dragonhall. Taeronys was admired by the commonfolk and respected by the nobility during his life in Andoras. During the Siege of Dragonspire, Taeronys fought in defense of his house against the rebels, however the battle resulted in the death of his father and the dragon Vhalax, as well as his mother, two of his elder sisters and ultimately, the exile of the remaining Dragomári.

Physical Appearance and Character

Taeronys is handsome, bearing all of the traits of his ancient Drakonian heritage. His eyes are orange, akin to the embers of a dying flame, his hair is silver-white and worn long past his shoulders, often braided on one side. He is a shorter man, shorter than his younger brother Raegorys, standing at 5'8". He is lithe and graceful in his movements and has a lean build. Taeronys is said to have an uncanny resemblance to his ancestor Draqipane.

Taeronys is an intelligent young man, reading at an early age and excelling at whatever he could put his mind to. He is a skilled swordsman, often remarked to be among the best fighters in Andoras. The prince is also a gifted singer and musician, talents which he had learned from his mother. During his time in Andoras, he was notably chivalrous, honest and humble; yet somewhat brooding. Often times he was charitable to the commonfolk. Following the siege, Taeronys became more vindictive, grim and reserved. The deaths of his family in the siege left him severely melancholic, to which he often turns to drink. Nightmares of the siege often cause him restless nights. When given time to spare, the prince composes songs in memoriam of his mother and sisters who died in the siege.

Although Drakonians are widely renowned for the seemingly impossible feat of taming dragons, the prince seemed to have more of a knack for it. His dragon Saerelyon was passed down to him as an egg when he was an infant, as Drakonian customs dictate. His bond with dragons became more apparent as time passed, he began riding Saerelyon at only eight years of age and had the capability to calm Vhalax, his father's dragon, who was notorious for his aggressive temperament.


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