House Dekland of Dekland Keep in Thunder's Shore swore allegiance to the loyalists during the Civil War and served House Dragomyr, much to the disapproval of the Lord-Paramount Byron Grimolt who immediately sought to remove the traitors from his nation.

This would lead to a two month siege where neither side did much of any aggression until the arrival of a second host came to the Grimolt frontier to reinforce; banners of House Brig, House Herden and House Bretanland, all loyal vassals of Thunder's Shore who all also had their own bone to pick with House Dekland. This would be the moment of attack for the Grimolt forces, new fresh troops to aid in their attack on the well fortified keep, yet planning was to be done as well. The three Lords came to discuss how best to approach the keep from their current position.

As three mornings and nights passed the Dekland garrison had successfully sneaked in large amounts of dried meat and leeks, their food storage growing quite a bit. Giving them a morale boost to their somewhat locked life now. Another morning passed and nightfall fell, the garrison thinking it would be a calm night once more, leaving a smaller alert force upon the walls this night. Yet this night would be different, soon they could hear a sound of rolling, quiet but audible but then silence ensued as only the piercing winds and torches crackling could be heard. Then as if from nowhere, four large balls of light ignited across the field at the Grimolt frontier. A lieutenants "Fire!" would echo through the night as the fiery rain of superheated rock hailed over the walls with a sound like roaring dragons and incinerated the entire courtyard of the keep as it spread and splashed along the walls, forming a deadly heat and shrapnel that would almost certainly be fatal. Screeching and cries of agony would fill the sky, almost quenched by the engulfing sound of the flames.

The night passed, and the garrison of House Dekland had decreased from two thousand men to only hold two-hundred men, most of whom had had the luck of being inside the keep when the incendiary launchers attacked. Now, siege towers had began to roll forward to the walls. A short yet valiant defense was held from the Dekland forces, the two-hundred managed to slay a little over two thousand men during the conflict, two siege towers falling over due to excessive firing from the still-intact ballistae towers. Once the keep was claimed, the members of House Dekland were brought out naked into the courtyard and executed in front of lowborn and highborn alike.

The keep burnt down and sacked of any valuables and the township delivered the same swift doom, House Grimolt left the head of House Brig, Lord Garold Brig to defend the homeland from any loyalist sparking as they moved to Dragonspire with House Herden's main forces going to secure the defense of Stormholme.

House Dekland now after the Civil War being a memory only, their seal of a Golden ship on a black sea was still existing however, picked up as the banner of the pirating party Thunder's Plague of the bastard son of Velron Dekland, Faron Blood-Eye.

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