The Shadowlands, also known as the Sunless Realm and Duraemor by the Drakonians, is a continent to the east of Doras Edrossi. It is a land of evil, riddled with ruins, craters, and almost no life to speak of, and inhabited by foul creatures and demons.

It is presumably still ruled by The Shadow, a powerful entity who has attempted to destroy Drakonius in the past; however, the Shadow was destroyed by Draqipane Dragomárus, the last emperor of Drakonia, who made an effort to unite all viable forces in Drakonius to take a stand against a force that threatened the well being of the planet. This conflict was very much a pyrrhic victory for mankind; while the Shadow was defeated, Draqipane sacrificed himself to achieve this victory through means not commonly understood, though many believe it was a form of magic. The Drakonian Empire and peninsula was left a literal smoldering ruin after decades of conflict, and the remaining Drakonians in exile traveled across the globe in search of repose; some traveled to Drakonteia and created a continuation of the Drakonian state known as the Drakonteian Empire, while others assimilated into Edrossian culture. Draqipane's own dynasty, House Dragomárus, were outliers to this trend and remained in their ancestral home of Dragomyra, mere miles away from the burning shores of Drakonia, and later invaded the western continent of Andoras and established their own kingdom there, reigning for over three hundred years.

Not much else is known of the Shadowlands; no scholars have ever dared stay long enough to conduct critical research, and what is known is often based on anecdotal accounts of soldiers who participated in the War of the Shadow.

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