Lord Sammael Gallomont
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Date of birth
April 19th, 280 AC
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Duke Sammael Gallomont (born April 19th, 280 AC) of Alham is currently a noble dwelling in The Wetlands, and is the patriarch of House Gallomont. He recently inherited his family's most supreme title, the Duchy of Alham, following the death of his nephew Larys Gallomont at the hands of Thyllanorian soldiers in the village of Riverbay, at the same battle now dubbed the Massacre of Riverbay -- it is for this reason that the Wetlands are considering joining the War of Embers and striking out against Thyllanor with the aid of Thunder's Shore, and potentially Frostfall.

Early life

Sammael was born in the spring of 280 AC to his father Hiram Gallomont (257 - 314 AC), and Eliza Tothwood (259 - 332 AC). He has lived in Blackmire for most of his life, but he was born in Bog's Rest, a little-known town on the outskirts of Garanide.

Present day

Currently, Sammael is dwelling in Blackmire. He considered meeting with the delegates of the Karthmeres and Grimolts alongside his grand-niece Evera in a peace summit hosted at Vicarshall in the spring, but he declined, citing health reasons. In the twilight of his life, he finds no joy in fighting war over land, and merely wishes to achieve what is best for his family.
Within me there burns no spark of war, or a spark of hate. I do not deny this title, but I deeply regret the reasons that I must come to bear it so late in my life. Perhaps fifty years earlier I would have cherished this opportunity to define myself as a fine lord; however, I do not feel much of anything except sorrow for the loss of Laris. Just know that I will do my best if it means that my progeny and the future members of House Gallomont will enjoy life just a little better than before.
- Sammael Gallomont, giving a speech immediately after being bestowed the duchy of Alham, April 5th, 350 AC


Preceded by:
Hiram Gallomont
Patriarch of House Gallomont

314 AC -

Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Larys Gallomont
Duke of Alham

350 AC -

Succeeded by:
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