Richard Landrocaster
Magistrate of Delathane
Count of Gelb
Also known as
28 years old
Date of birth
February 27th, 322 AC
Portrayed by
Richard Landrocaster is a Thyllanorian nobleman, magistrate, and count. He is in some regards a royal, being a cousin of Dalan Karthmere, but is more frequently viewed as his own individual, being the head of House Landrocaster and sole holder of its titles. As a noble, he is more tolerant of the peasantry than most, in part due to the upbringing he received while being raised.

Richard is the son of former bastard Malveus Landrocaster, the firstborn child of Malveus III Karthmere who was born out of wedlock. In 310 AC, Richard's father attempted a coup to take control of Thyllanor for himself -- the coup was short-lived, and Malveus was imprisoned for 5 years. Upon being released, Malveus proved his worth and was given the right to create his own cadet branch; House Landrocaster, founded in 320 AC, now exists as a result. A year later, Malveus settled in the city of Delathane with his wife Isabel Tarno, and Richard was born the year following in 322 AC, with his sister Vele being born in 323 AC. Life was a lot easier for Richard than it was for his father, due to not being stigmatized for being a bastard; something he was never allowed to forget while growing up in his home.

Richard found himself often taking many duties that most nobles would consider peasant duty, but through it developed a firm sense of discipline and a value for hard work. Richard joined the military as early as he could, enlisting at 16 in 338 AC. He attained the rank of Sergeant at the eve of the Civil War's breakout, and fought alongside the likes of his cousins Dalan and Adrian Karthmere, as well as Allistair Karthmere, his cousin born to Tyralt Karthmere. When the war ended, Richard was defending Thyllanor, as he had been assigned to homeland defense for the majority of the war, only straying from Thyllanor when a call for reinforcements was needed for The Battle of Mountain's Tongue and the Battle of Garanide.

Although a firm believer in the military's creed, and an admirer of the men who so selflessly gave themselves to Thyllanor's service, Richard determined that he preferred a quiet life over military work. He went through the discharge process and was officially discharged exactly 3 months after the Civil War ended, on February 1st, 349 AC. In a small private chat with Dalan Karthmere himself around the same time in Vicarshall, Richard was found worthy of holding a fief, and is now the Count of Gelb, as well as being a magistrate for the Duchy of Delathane, where he represents his county and also serves as part of a council for the Duchy of Delathane, to summon upon when it is deemed necessary.

Although Gelb is known for being something of a farm town, and is far less developed than some of the settlements it rivals in Thyllanor, Richard fiercely values his holding and would defend it with his life, due to his upbringing and his respect for the commonfolk. As of late, Richard is expecting a child, and has expressed relief that he is no longer part of the military, as this would limit the time he'd get to spend with his family.

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