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The Realm of Raunerre is a Realm in southern Andoras that, like the others, was founded when the Kingdom of Andoras dissolved following the overthrowing of House Dragomyr and the end of the Civil War. It is ruled by Byron Grimolt, of the house of the same name.

Raunerre is a mainly naval Paramouncy, and with their united power versus Ember's End and the fact that Thyllanor prefers land combat, they are the most powerful navy in the world, perhaps only rivaled by that of the city state of Ceryne, whom they are in combat (though not all-out war) with, through the Ceryno-Shoremen Border Tensions.



Present Day

Currently, they are facing the prospect of war, as the Ceryno-Shoremen Border Tensions in Deimia and northwestern Ceryne are igniting conflicts that could embroil into one of the largest naval wars in history. They are also at war with the Realm of Thyllanor in the War of Embers, although the fighting has all but ceased after an armistice agreement was reached between the Shoremen and the Thyllanorians -- although, on the Thyllanorians' part, not willingly.

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