Pryiore Villa
A view of the Villa, spring afternoon
Vital statistics
Type Villa
Level 1-100
Location Northside Meyron
Inhabitants 48 (permanent)
c. 500 (live-in servants, maids, advisors, etc.)

Approaches 1,000-1,500 when a Dealing is held

Pryiore Villa is the main residence and administrative center in the City-State of Meyron, remaining so since Meyron became a City-State in 252 AC, and remaining as the residence of the Premier of Meyron since it was constructed in 68 AC. This being said, Pryiore Villa is a younger building for Edrossi standards, being only 282 years old whereas several landmarks on the eastern continent could range from thousands of years to tens of thousands of years old. While actually closer to a light castle rather than a villa, Pryiore carries several elements of luxury in its walls, and using the knowledge of architecture and contrast, has been beautifully built, inside and out. All of the modern facets have been used, including a contrast of ancient Drakonian beauty and a berth of modern practicality. Elevated oil lamp lights dot the plaza and the exterior, making sure that even at night, the Villa remains illuminated. A garden, taking up nearly twice the size of the Villa itself, surrounds the property on all sides, and includes novelties such as a hedge maze and a greenhouse.

While being the residence and center of Meyron's government, it is also particularly prominent for being the one and only place that a Dealing can be held. The story behind this goes that Victor Damius, while 1st Premier of Lavos in 265 AC, was at a political delegation in Pryiore Villa to prevent another Inferno Wars-style conflict to occur, and enjoyed the place so much that he put forth that it should be the place that all Dealings should be held, once Dealings were established as a real concept. Damius never intended it to be law, but the tradition has remained and Dealings have always been held in the Villa. Tradition also holds that the 2nd Premier of Meyron is the Overseer of the Dealings that keeps debates fresh and interjects new information and topics to discuss to keep the Dealing rolling, which continues until his exemption from office or his death. Currently, the 2nd Premier of Meyron, Arameus Ethymon, has held the office since 340 AC -- for just under two terms -- and will be either re-elected or elected out of office at the end of his twelfth year in 352 AC. He has preceded as Overseer for the Dealings of 340 and 345 AC, and is expected to precede over the Dealing of 350 AC.

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