The Principality of Voyatia is a principality in the south of Thyllanor, notable for being one of only two principalities within the Realm of Thyllanor, and also for having a border dispute over the territory of Fort Norvo and its dependencies with the Duchy of Leckentheid.

Voyatia is a principality, like its sister province the Principality of Colburgh, meaning it is democratic and highly autonomous in terms of Thyllanorian control. Con-crownism, a movement brought to Thyllanor in the 180s AC, was the result of the principalities being formed. More notably, the two principalities, along with the Duchies of Farrowhalt and Fraeduke, were part of the Farrowhalt Freehold, which existed from 326 to 331 AC in the 326 AC rebellion.

Like the other principality and the two duchies on its eastern border, Voyatia was formed from the Margraviate of Farrowhalt, because Richard III Karthmere believed it too large to be administrated properly. The Margraviate had originally existed to protect Thyllanor's southeastern border, which many considered the most critical point in Thyllanor for its strategic and political weight, but as it (at the time) had no pressing concerns for warfare, it was dissolved in 188 AC.

Currently, Damian Struss, a notable politician of Shoremen origin, is the Consul of the Principality of Voyatia, elected in 349 AC.


Voyatia is much like the rest of southern Thyllanor, with plains and valleys making up a large amount of the territory. In the northwest, the border it shares with Fort Norvo borders the lone Mount Norvo as well, making the region around it in a large radius full of plateaus and hills. Voyatia, however, is very profitable farmland, with crop winds and what is known as a leeward effect; since Voyatia is on the eastern side of Mount Norvo, it receives most of the rain that falls from the sea. Leckentheid, on the other hand, can be very dry. It is partially for this reason that Voyatia's population is higher than most regions around it.


Dragomyr Invasion

The city of Old Falka, which the present-day Falka was built near, was burnt to ashes by Nerion during the Dragomyr invasion of Andoras -- in particular, the campaign to conquer Thyllanor by Draegon I Dragomyr.

Present Day

Voyatia was a part of the Farrowhalt Freehold, which simultaneously declared independence from the Kingdom of Andoras and the Realm of Thyllanor in 326 AC. Voyatia was mostly untouched during the war, but was occupied as part of the fall of the Southern Front in 330 AC. No major battles took place within the Principality's modern borders, although several skirmishes took place, with some barely a mile away from the city proper.

Fort Norvo Border Dispute


The Duchy of Leckentheid (gold) claims Fort Norvo as de jure territory, but the Principality of Voyatia (green) holds de facto power in the region, as the citizens abide by Voyatia's internal laws.

Although not a war, some conflict between the principality and the Duchy of Leckentheid has arose over who truly controls the territory of Fort Norvo and its dependencies. There has been much debate, but many see it as the Duchy of Leckentheid's de jure land, even though the citizens choose to abide by the principality's local laws. Tyralt Karthmere, duke of Leckentheid, has declined to comment in the matter.
I've nothing more to say, other than it will fix itself and the true borders will be determined soon. We've got more pressing matters at hand.
- Tyralt Karthmere, 350 AC
Some believe Tyralt's lack of enthusiasm is due to the War of Embers being raged with Thunder's Shore, an external war in which all of Thyllanor is involved.

Damian Struss, however, feels more strongly about the issue, saying that the people will choose whose banner they will fall under, and due to their practice of the principality's policies, they believe themselves part of Voyatia. Some have accused him of sympathizing with the Shoremen because of his nationality, and his eagerness to end the dispute as an attempt to distract Thyllanor from the war.

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