The Planned Union of Freeholds was a theoretical concept created by Michael Avleston in his writings, sometime in 325 AC while imprisoned due to inciting a crowd five years earlier -- he would soon be released after this message reached Veddel Markwell. He claimed that after the Farrowhalt Freehold, a government established during the 326 AC rebellion just a year later, won its independence, it would inspire other like-minded individuals to do the same as them and form a freehold of their own. Although the plan never fell through due to the rebellion being crushed and both Avleston and Veddel Markwell being executed by 331 AC, it was cited as one of the most influential pieces of government planning for democracy since Haelys, a prominent Edrossian author, vouched for it in 187 BC.


(The text is translated from a cipher that make it impossible to read without deciphering; only Veddel Markwell, Michael Avleston, and their closest allies knew how to read it.)
Dear Varnel, [now known to be a code name for Veddel Markwell]

I am pleased to be writing to you again, after such a long hiatus (you know how ol' Gor values our privacy and rights). It brings joy to my heart to know that there is at least one other who shares my own thoughts of the world.

I write to you once more to inform you of an idea I had come up with, just three days prior to the writing of this message. It is a complex idea, perhaps; not simple, in the sense of the word, that I can explain it with difficulty, but the concept of it may be difficult to reach the final goal. The goal is to form a union of freeholds. You remember in our writings previously -- that we discussed the idea of forming our own freehold within Thyllanor, and acquiring the support of Lord Karthmere somewhere along the way. I assume he would be quite ubiquitous in our day-to-day operations.

As I was saying; a union of freeholds.

The idea is quite simple -- as we finish up our project to become an independent nation (whether we do it by force or by diplomacy), we attempt to inspire others to do the same. If we succeed, and they choose to establish a freeholder government like we do, then perhaps we will join together with them, in one large group of freeholds, to plan together, to be allies with one another, and to advance each other towards a better world. While this, to be frank, is thinking ahead, I figure we ought to keep all of our thoughts on paper now and avoid arrest later. Better to not have a movement collapse before it even begins, am I right?

What do you think, Varnel?

P.S. Do you believe attempting to recruit Dalan into our fold is too far-fetched? If we asked him, would he support us?


- Michael Avleston
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