Outhdian Karth'maere/Othadan Karthmere (AoL) was an ancient king of the Age of Legends, and the famed founder of the Karthmere dynasty. In old Thyllanorian, his title would be Maére Outhdián om il Karth.

Mythos and History

Most myths from the Age of Legends start Outhdian as a potent warrior, yet his brash attitude and tendency to lash out at others kept him from making many long-lasting allies. Any vassals that he subjugated or created from native Andorasi He is said to have transported the entirety of his people from Doras Edrossi to Andoras, and to have built a city where he could turn around and no longer see his old home. This place was known as Faercrest, and still stands today.

The history, however, paints Outhdian in a more realistic light; not much is known about his historical person in general, but it is most likely Outhdian was a tribal king based on northwestern Ethryke (based on archaeological finds that correlate with later Thyllanorian craftsmanship in Thyllanor proper) who had then recently been forced to migrate from Doras Edrossi with the nations he had joined together under his banner to Andoras, where they landed at present-day Thyllanor and formed a new nation by conquering any of the Alettonic tribes who fought against them. It is not known for certain whether the Karthmeres and the tribe that they led were the last Andorasi tribe to leave Doras Edrossi, nearly two thousand years after the migration began, but it is widely claimed as such.

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