Nveryll is the force of all things good, just, fertile, bountiful, and in general positive and beneficial to the development of life or bettering the world. He is the polar opposite of Messeneth in The Dragonlord faith, both being created by the Dragonlord himself and equal in ability, though not in power -- Messeneth is more powerful and untamed and as such dragons descended from him will be far more aggressive and, on average, larger than their cousins descended from Nveryll. Nveryll's descendants, on the other hand, are easier to tame and show a degree of sentience when interacting with the lesser races. Dragons descended from Messeneth are known as Messenethic, while dragons descended from Nveryll are Nveryllic.

In the Dragonlord

Since time immemorial, possibly from the creation of time itself, Nveryll and his counterpart Messeneth have been locked in an eternal conflict for the ultimate fate of the Dragonlord's creation. While Messeneth is the stronger of the duo in terms of sheer physical strength, Nveryll is more cunning -- whereas Messeneth prefers to outright attack with raw power, Nveryll would plot and strategise in order to achieve his goals. Some would say Nveryll is a bad moral example within the faith, as his actions against Messeneth seem to indicate he is willing to do whatever it takes to survive, as opposed to fighting with honor.

To counter this, Drakonian theologians proposed that Nveryll is far more concerned about himself than the lives of others -- and rightly so. Should Nveryll fall, Messeneth will come to rise over the Dragonlord's creation, and all life that exists will fall victim to his darkness. This is the most popular interpretation among those who still follow the faith, as it simplifies Nveryll's role and clearly establishes him as a defender of life, whether it be his own or all others..

Another theory is that Nveryll and Messeneth are not so simply sorted into common archetypes like "good' and "evil" -- while it is true that Messeneth performs actions detrimental to life, and Nveryll is the sworn protector of it, they may have emotions of their own which prevents them from simply being mindless followers, albeit very powerful ones, of the Dragonlord. To those who follow this, they hold that free will is the most important aspect of their gods, and while Messeneth and Nveryll represent two opposite sides of the spectrum of morality, it is true that this may be more of a grey area than many who still worship the Dragonlord would agree with.

Nveryllic dragons

Nveryll owes to his name dragons descended from him, created in his image to roam Drakonius and establish the dragon's aerial supremacy over its lands. Messeneth, likewise, created Messenethic dragons in his image, and the two make up the bulk of all known dragon species and types.

These dragons are much more docile than their Messenethic cousins, and do indeed make up the majority of all dragons in the world due to their prolific nature and their attitude toward life, which as a byproduct of Nveryll makes them respect all living things, no matter how grand or irrelevant in the cosmic scale. They also feel they must pass on their gift of life often, and as such Nveryllic dragons will go great distances to mate, whereas a Messenethic dragon would not put in nearly as much work into passing on their lineage.

As far as sentience goes, Nveryllic dragons exhibit a greater degree of sentience and were of human or greater intelligence more often than their Messenethic cousins. Perhaps this is due to their relative tolerance of humans, and as such their ease to study and teach is greatly increased. Messenethic dragons are also far more rare, which means any Messenethic dragon who is too feral or too unbridled to show any degree of intelligence already takes away a far greater amount than a Nveryllic dragon in the same situation.

Lastly, it should not be assumed Nveryllic dragons are always out to defend life; like their god-creator himself, Nveryll employs tactics that would be considered dishonorable by most in order to maintain self-preservation over selfless sacrifice. Unlike in mankind, these tactics are not sigmatized among the dragons and it is widely understood among them, from what researchers can observe, why the Nveryllic dragons do what they do. It apparently goes beyond simple survival, and involves the End Time, when Messeneth will return to the world and fight a chaotic last battle with all of life itself. The dragons, despite their infighting and differences, seem to agree that they will be most needed when Messeneth returns, and try to avoid their death as desperately as possible.

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