Neldfel and Ayrtfel are the two ancestral weapons of House Karthmere. Neldfel is a golden spear, made with alloys lost to present day. Ayrtfel was made in the same manner, but Ayrtfel is a shield; they are designed to be wielded together. Ayrtfel bears the image of a fading lion on its crest, worn down by the eras of existence. Originating in Ethryke, the Tribe of Karth bequeathed these weapons to the maere (leader) of the tribe, who would use them both as weapons and as rallying symbols when the lines of combat became blurred.

Currently, they are in the possession of Dalan II Karthmere, who wields them in combat -- it is said that Neldfel still bears the blood of Aeganar IV Dragomárus, as Dalan was purported to have slain him in open combat.

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