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Naeronos Tybaericus, amusingly nicknamed as "Boots" by his peers due to his preference to fly instead of explore on foot, was an Drakonian Exploratii active during the Primun Impetus period of the Drakonian Empire. He was among the many Exploratii that were sent north and beyond the Embergleam Range on operations to gain intelligence on the nations abroad the Empire sought to subjugate.

Early Life

Naeronos was born in the Second Era, 5933 BC to a small noble family in the city-state of Vecys. His father was a Legate in the Drakonian military and his mother held a significant place in the Vecysian Magistrate. During his childhood and adolescence, Naeronos was very fond of exploring the land surrounding Vecys, often finding himself passing through Ardaen's Throat into Drakonia proper to delve further into the wilds.

After much coaxing by his father, he entered military service in the year of 5917 BC and was eventually transferred into the Exploratii, a service branch of explorers and scouts which was more suited to his talents and preference. In the year 5910 BC, Naeronos was one of eight Exploratii chosen by the Duector to become a Volaetilus, an Exploratii dragon-rider. The tradition demanded that the chosen Exploratii set out into the Emblergleam Range in order to find and tame a wild dragon, which at the time was quite a common practice by Drakonia's high nobility.

Naeronos would spend several weeks climbing the high peaks of the Embergleam on his own, he eventually found a small but mature dragon roosting on the western ranges. The dragon was small but swift, its scales were grey with yellow mottling and its eyes were yellow as well. Taming a dragon is never an easy task, no matter how large or small it may be, nevertheless Naeronos found success but did not come out completely unscathed, receiving burns almost the full length of his right arm.

Upon his return, he found that only two out of the seven other candidates chosen managed to tame dragons.

Primun Impetus

During the Third Era in the year 5900 BC, Naeronos was tasked with a solo effort north of the Embergleam with his she-dragon he named Caelerite to perform reconnaissance on foreign nations abroad. His writings stated that one of his more notable experiences during his reconnaissance was being hit by an unexpected volley of Sigorian arrows as he passed over the Sigorian Great Lakes, he spent a half an hour pulling arrows out of the belly of Caelerite who was otherwise uninjured. He had notably come across the city-state of Thauros and became a diplomatic representative of the Drakonian Empire for several years, securing a beneficial trade in precious gems and metals which at the time were in high demand.

Due to his efforts, Thauros had eventually turned into a suzerain of the Empire and remained relatively autonomous until the fall of the Drakonian Empire. Naeronos would go on to explore and represent the Empire for another fifty years until he allegedly fell from his dragon to his death over the Great Lakes in 5850 BC at the age of 83. His body was eventually recovered and his ashes returned to Vecys.