A view of southern Mournare. St. Markon's Church, the home of the Pentarch, is visible in the background.
Vital statistics
Type Port City/Metropolis
Level 1-100
Location Northeastern Thunder's Shore/Southeastern Kingsland
Inhabitants 433,000 (North Mournare: 107,000, South Mournare: 326,000)
Mournare is a city located in the farthest northeastern reaches of Raunerre and the farthest southeastern reaches of the Kingsland; in that regard, the city is actually cut in half by the two regions, but more of it lies in Raunerre than the Kingsland. It is the second largest city in Raunerre, and the fourth largest city in Andoras. The city has been rebuilding itself slowly ever since it was nearly completely torched to the ground in 289 AC, during the events of The Mournare Nights. Before that, it was the second-largest city in Andoras, only to be beaten by Dragonspire City itself.

Mournare is unique in the fact that it was built on a narrow strait; the city actually has two ports, and a river running through it that defines the border between the Kingsland and Raunerre. On its eastern side, it borders the White Sea, but on its western side it borders Lake Lampar. This quality has led Mournare to become a highly coveted port, and one of the most populated cities in the world.

Politically, Mournare is divided among the borders of the Lampar Strait, which feeds into the White Sea; on its south side, it is known as


A geographical map of Mournare, Lake Lampar, and the Lampar Strait.

the Free City of Mournare in Raunerre, where it carries its own political weight. On the north side, it is part of the Duchy of Mournare, and serves as the administrative capital of the duchy. As more of the city is in Raunerre, the south side is quite more powerful than the north, and it is South Mournare which boasts a massive port, and St Markon's Church, where the Pentarch of the Church of the Five resides.

Alternatively, some have called for Mournare to unite under one region, or to split into two cities; while the political divisions change little within the city itself, the lords who rule over the regions all covet the entire city for themselves, and with the War of Embers currently taking place, it seems more and more likely that conflict will erupt between Raunerre and the lords of the Kingsland, forcing the respective sides of the city to close down. There is a possibility that the city could go to war with itself, in that case, if it still remains fractured by the time this happens.

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