Meyron's position on Doras Edrossi.

Meyron is a premier city-state in southeastern Doras Edrossi, near Drakonteia and Vecys. One of the most liberal nations in the world, Meyron has been known for thousands of years for its freedom, justice, and empowerment of the populace.

Although its history of this has gone back thousands of years, it came to full prominence when they adopted the premier city-state system devised by Victor Damius -- the only such city to adopt it other than Lavos, which created it -- and fully abolished any notion of mandatory religion, allowing complete, unhindered worship of one's beliefs; even one who was godless or did not follow a religion. Considered the sister city of Lavos, also a premier city-state and well-to-do free state, the two cities have gotten along together for years, and being the only two Premier-ruled city-states only brings their bond closer.


Formerly a kingdom from 203 to 252 AC, the Meyronian people were convinced to become a premier city-state after the death of their king, Leonardus Malos. Even though Lavos had recently been ravaged by the Lavosi Gang Wars, and Meyronian relations with Lavos had been hurt because of the war spilling over into their borders, Victor Damius was able to rekindle their long-standing friendship, and Meyron re-emerged as the second premier city-state.

Before that, however, Meyron had been a republic, and even earlier before that, a vassal of the Drakonian Empire. Meyron is famously known as a city-state that was originally a colony of the Drakonian Republic, and in its thousands-year history, it never once fell out of their hands until the Gladiator War and ultimately the Dragon Wars, which led to the fall of the Drakonian Empire.

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