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What the fuck did you just fucking speak of me, you little cunt? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in Academia Drakonia and I have been involved in numerous field battles across the land, and I have over 300 decisive victories. I am a trained dragon rider and I'm the top swordsman in the Drakonian Empire. You are nothing to me but another meal for my dragon. I'll strike you down with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Drakonius, heed my words. You think you can simply retreat as you spout your filth over parchment? Think again, fool. As I reply to your pitiful message, I am sending word to my agents across the Empire and your location will be revealed so you best prepare for fire, sword swallower. The fire that burns you clean of your pitiful existence. You'd best come acquainted with the Dragonlord, fool. I could slay you, anywhere, anytime, and could easily defeat you in combat in over 700 different ways and that's just with my sword. Not only have I squired under Aevorius Ignitius himself, but I have the entirety of the Drakonian armory under my control and I will use it to its full potential to wipe Doras Edrossi clean of your parasitic existence, peasant. If only you would have had the knowledge to realize what you have done has sounded the horns of the Drakonian Empire itself. Perhaps it would have been wiser to cast your message into the flames, fool. But you refused, you did not do it and now by the Dragonlord, you will be cast judgement, you filthy peasant. I will rain dragon fire upon you and you will burn in the flames of the Dragonlord. You're as good as dead, boy.



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