A view of New Merythaia's bustling merchant district
Vital statistics
Type Large city
Level 1-100
Location Southwestern Doras Edrossi
Inhabitants 134,000 (appx.)

Merythaia's proposed borders, to be reviewed and either approved or rejected at the Dealing of 350 AC. If approved, Merythaia will be universally recognized and formally independent from Meyron.

New Merythaia is a large city, located within the borders of the City-State of Meyron. Due to its large size and growing influence, many consider it to be its own city-state, and has only recently put in a bid for this status, to be discussed among the council of rulers at the Dealing of 350 AC. Old Merythaia was a considerably-sized First and Second Era settlement, being comparable to that of Ceryne in present day. It was only eclipsed by Drakonia itself, until the sudden "allure" of Ceryne when it was built drew away many of its intellectuals and left the city with a third of its original population. This continued, and ancient Merythaia was already a ruin by the time the Dragon Wars affected it. Although now rather irrelevant on the world scale in present day, Merythaia has often been called a place of wisdom, hosting an impressive host of universities and libraries. Many philosophers and politicians of the early First Era were born here, including Nyule, the Second Paragon of The Five Paragons. New Merythaia was built around the beginning of the Eighth Era; in other words, around the time of the Dragomyr invasion of Andoras; on the ruins of the old city. Some of the old city can still be seen, and archaeologists and historians alike have made fortunes because of the ruins that persist.

It once had a sister city, Ethromaia, but the two cities evidently merged, as seen by ancient city limits markers that have long since been passed by the sprawl of urbanization. Most people now consider Ethromaia just another name for Merythaia. Several places bear the name Ethromaia, however, such as the world-famous Academia Ethromaia; said to have been attended by Nyule himself.

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