Malveus II Karthmere (211- 272 AC) was a Thyllanorian royal who was the 12th Lord Paramount of Thyllanor under the Kingdom of Andoras, ruling from 231 AC to his death in 272 -- a 41 year reign, only eclipsed by his grandfather Richard III's impressive 59 year reign.

In his early life, Malveus II had inherited the grand paramouncy that was built through hard work and sacrifice on behalf of his grandfather Richard III, and father Richard IV. Whereas Richard IV had only striven to maintain what was already in place at the time of his inheritance, Malveus sought greater goals, and proposed a series of reforms within Thyllanor that eventually came to become the Thyllanorian government, including an Upper Chamber of Lords in which the most powerful men in the nation would gather to discuss what was best for Thyllanor at any given time; however, the Paramount would get the final say, in talks that would come to be known as 'conventions'. Some attribute this growth of what would seem to be democracy to the Daerod di Piazz, a period of peace ushered in after the unsuccessful 198 AC rebellion. During this time, all of the paramouncies turned inward and focused on their development -- Thyllanor included -- which involved a sort of cultural renaissance in which the arts and classics (most from Drakonia) were revisited, and there was an air of Dragomyr support, something that was seldom heard of before the Daerod di Piazz and certainly not after Karthmere lords like Malveus III and eventually, the Civil War. Malveus II helped encourage this pro-Dragomyr attitude, and was a loyalist of the Dragomyrs himself.

In truth, Malveus II's reign is somewhat overlooked in favor of his more notable precedessors and successors, such as Richard III and his son Vicede II Karthmere; in truth, Malveus not only improved upon Richard III's developments, he also set the stage for Vicede's own. In this way, he was something of a catalyst in Thyllanorian history, and if nothing else, is recognized for the development of the bureaucratic government beneath him, which did not officially exist until his son lawfully implemented it upon Malveus' death.

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