Magister is a title held by the ruler of a City-State of Doras Edrossi. The City-States Ethryke, Thysia, Ceryne, Vecys and Edynar are ruled by a magister. It is a title of considerable power, being roughly equal to the status of a monarch. They are usually elected into their seat by the lesser lords of the city-state upon the death of the previous magister in an elective succession, but some (particularly Ceryne) follow a primogeniture line of succession.

Magisters are known to be astute at politics and business (or rather are required/expected to), as most city-states thrive from trade and exotic goods from overseas and also trade amongst each other.

Other City-States

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Meyron and Lavos use a different but similar form of rulership, known as Premiers. They are similar to Magisters, aside from the fact that they have term lengths, there are multiple Premiers; up to three at one time, and males of the city-state that own property are invited to come speak at length in favor or against a leader's continued rule (or a new one's institution); somewhat closer to democracy than republicanism. Most con-crownists in Andoras moved to one of these two city-states (mainly Meyron, which has a high Andorasi population) after 331 AC.

List of Magisters

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