The Lower Chamber of Lords, officially The Lower Chamber of Lords, Dukes, and Margraves, is the second-highest primary branch in the Thyllanorian government, being outranked by the Upper Chamber of Lords, and outranking the Council of Caridre.

The Lower Chamber mostly exists as a secondary council, but on its own it is a powerful force and has often held greater sway than the Upper Chamber more than once in their histories. The titles in the Lower Chamber are typically seen as lesser versions of those that exist, along with three new titles not seen in the Upper Chamber; the Lord of Diplomacy, who officially conducts relations with other nations, the Lord of the Mercantile, who sponsors the merchant class and the Mercantile Representatives of Thyllanor, and the Lord of the Commonfolk, who represents the peasantry.


Overseer Inferior - Galwey II Keswyck

Marshal Inferior of the Armies - Sulvan Ambrose

Associate Lord of the Treasury - Warren Tarbor

Associate Lord of Espionage - Isabella of Syntharis

Pentem - Rathord Vickson

Pentem - Prelliam Stael

Pentem - Melven of Leichon

Associate Lord of the Court - Michael Belmont

Lord of Diplomacy - Danin Griswold

Lord of the Mercantile - Joseph Ensight

Lord of the Commonfolk - Liram Winds

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