This list will seek to display all members of branches of the Thyllanorian government where it is feasible (e.g. the entire Council of Nobles cannot be included due to its size). It will first display their title, and then their name, followed by a brief description of their assignment and role in the government.

Primary branches

Upper Chamber of Lords

Overseer - The current Overseer is Malric Markwell. The Overseer provides firsthand advice and administrative support in Thyllanor, while serving as a designated regent and second-highest political power in Thyllanor after the Lord Paramount himself.

Marshal of the Armies - The current Marshal of the Armies is Albrod Calnus. The Marshal of the Armies serves as the primary military advisor for the Lord Paramount. While the Marshal is often also part of the Thyllanorian War Council, the two can be mutually exclusive; a Marshal of the Armies does not require prior military experience or service. The title only requires a martial mind, and as such, it is not unheard of for tacticians or strategists to be the Marshal without being part of the Thyllanorian Army or Navy.

Lord of the Treasury - The current Lord of the Treasury is Rollick Karthmere. The Lord of the Treasury mans the large amount of wealth that Thyllanor has at its disposal due to its exports and trading. The Lord of the Treasury is further responsible for excavation efforts to find precious materials, such as gold or silver, and heading a committee which mints it and distributes it throughout the Lord Paramouncy. The currency of the Lord Paramouncy is known as a lion.

Lord of Espionage - The current Lord of Espionage is Jare Tharaide. The primary leader of covert operations in Thyllanor, such as plotting, constructing spy networks, and forging claims on other titles. The Lord of Espionage has traditionally held a lot of sway due to his connections with the Council of Caridre and his numerous agents and allies, all of whom are usually disconnected from Thyllanor's public affairs.

Archpentem of Thyllanor - The current Archpentem of Thyllanor is Sellick Grotham. The Archpentem of Thyllanor is the religious representation of the Church of the Five's archdiocese, of which it has one in every Lord Paramouncy, including one in Edrane. They provide assistance with spiritual matters, and serve as the overlord for all pentems and lower clergymen in Thyllanor entirely. Unlike the other ranks, this title is given out by the church, and cannot be altered by the government. The Lord Paramount can, however, expel the archpentem from the Upper Chamber if he feels it is necessary.

Lord of the Court - The current Lord of the Court is Wilum Rutherford. The Lord of the Court's duty is to effectively represent all nobles in Thyllanor through himself; to act as a conduit of sorts for their desires and necessities. This works both ways; the Lord of the Court can also represent the Lord Paramount, and if the Overseer is not available, the Lord of the Court has traditionally been second in line to act as a regent. The Lord of the Court can also give audiences in the Lord Paramount's name when he is away or otherwise unavailable.

Lower Chamber of Lords

Overseer Inferior - The current Overseer Inferior is Galwey II Keswyck.

Marshal Inferior of the Armies - The current Marshal Inferior of the Armies is Sulvan Ambrose.

Associate Lord of the Treasury - The current Associate Lord of the Treasury is Warren Tarbor.

Associate Lord of Espionage - The current Associate Lord of Espionage is Isabella of Syntharis.

The three representing pentems - The three pentems chosen by the Church of the Five to represent key dioceses of Thyllanor are Rathford Vickson, Prelliam Stael, and Melven of Leichon.

Associate Lord of the Court - The current Associate Lord of the Court is Michael Belmont.

Lord of Diplomacy - The current Lord of Diplomacy is Danin Griswold.

Lord of the Mercantile - The current Lord of the Mercantile is Joseph Ensight.

Lord of the Commonfolk - The current Lord of the Commonfolk is Liram Winds.

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