The Leyse Woodlands is a term for roughly the southwestern half of Doras Edrossi, excluding the Drakonian Peninsula and the Zyntano Rainforest. It is a temperate region, with all four seasons -- though the summers are long and the winters brief, if snow falls at all, and diverse flora and fauna abounds. Several city-states claim land within the Woodlands's region, the most prominent being Ceryne, Lavos, and Ethryke. The Zaentovi have also had a history of invading and ambushing the Woodlands, leading to the area trading hands several times throughout history. The Zaentovi aggression led to the Wars of Woods, and much blood has been spilled on these grounds as a result. It has led to nicknames such as The Sanguine Woods, The Vampire Lands, and The Proving Grounds.



A more heavily wooded, swampy part of the Woodlands


Drakonian ruins can be found in many areas around the Woodlands

The climate is quite temperate, comparable to southern Thyllanor or Ember's End. It rains most of the year, with snow being uncommon, but temperatures can often drop low enough for it to snow during the winter months. The ground is very fertile where the forest doesn't take up the soil, making the land very desirable for farming and ranching.


The Leyse Woodlands have a very bloody history; it is believed that millions of lives have been lost on its winding plains and in its densely forested regions which it is famous for. It is often said that the deaths resulting from the Drakonian conquest of the Woodlands are one of the only certain things about the Age of Legends.

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